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Best Infant Car Seat:
GRACO: Graco Turn2Me™ R44 360º Rotating ISOFIX Car Seat | ADAC Rated (

Best Lightweight Stroller:
INGLESINA: Quid² | Inglesina

Best Travel system Stroller:
INGLESINA: Aptica XT | Inglesina

BEST Buggy Boards:
LASCAL: BuggyBoard® Maxi - Lascal

Best stroller sleeves:

SUZON & SUZETTE: Mitten gloves for children's cart or stroller (

Best Baby Carrier:
LOVE RADIUS: HoodieCarrier 2, ergonomic baby carrier ( 

Best Shoulder  Carrier:

MINIMEIS: MiniMeis G4 carrier - Buy MiniMeis shoulder carrier online

Best Baby Wrap : 
LOVE RADIUS:Love Radius baby wraps (

Best Hip Diaper bag: 

LOVE RADIUS: CaravanBAG - Changing Bag, Hip Seat and Carrying Blanket (

Best Diaper Backpack:
KERIKIT ENGLAND:  Women's Vegan Friendly Black Nylon Backpack | KeriKit England

Best Hipseat:
HIPPYCHICK: Hipseat Baby Carrier | Back Saving Carrier | Hippychick

Best Disposable Travel Potty:
HIPPYCHICK: Hippychick Tron Disposable Travel Potty - Hippychick

Best Baby Monitors:
ROAR BABY MONITORS:  Roar Baby Monitors: The Original Wireless Outdoor Baby Monitor (

Best inflatable pillow:
KOOSHY KIDS: Kooshy Kloud for Kids and Adults ( 

Best Inflatable Bunk:
KOOSHY KIDS: NEW Inflatable Sky Bunk (

Best Inflatable plane sleep device:
Kooshy Kids Inflatable Plane Cushion. Plane Pal Fly Tot

Best Portable Baby Changing Pad:
KONFIDENCE: Splashy™ Roll and Go Baby Changing Mat – Konfidence

Best Travel Crib :
GRACO: Graco FoldLite™ LX Quick-folding Travel Cot with Bassinet (

Best Travel High Chair:
BUMBO: multi seat - Bumbo

Best Travel Hook On Highchair:
GUZZIE & GUSS: Shop Perch Portable Hanging High Chair | guzzie+Guss (

Best Baby Travel Bed:
LITTLELIFE: Travel Cot | Child Cots | LittleLife
Best Baby Travel Playpen:
GRACO: Graco FoldLite™ LX Quick-folding Travel Cot with Bassinet (

Best Baby Travel Bottle Warmer:
TOMMEE TIPPEE: Travel Baby Bottle and Food Warmer | Tommee Tippee UK

Best Baby Travel Thermometer:
BEABA: Thermospeed® - ear and forehead infrared thermometer | BEABA

Best Baby Travel Blanket: 
SNUGGLEBUNDL:Snugglebundl | World's First Baby Wrap with Handles | Baby Lift and Lay

Best Baby Travel Sound Machine:
TOMMEE TIPPEE: Mini Travel Sleep Aid | Tommee Tippee

Best Baby Travel Bath Tub:
MUNCHKIN: White Hot™ Inflatable Safety Duck Bathtub | Munchkin

Best Baby Travel Food Container:
TUMTUM: TUM TUM Kids Nesting Snack Pots | Children's Snack Pots – TUM TUM TOTS

Best Baby Travel Utensil Set:
TUMTUM: Baby Cutlery Set with Travel Case, Blue – TUM TUM TOTS

Best Toddler Travel Lunch bag:
TUMTUM: Children's Travel Cutlery Set | Kids Cutlery, Felicity Fox – TUM TUM TOTS

Best Toddler Travel Water Bottle:
TUMTUM: TUM TUM Tippy Up Free Flow Sippy Cup With Weighted Straw, Boris Bear, 300m, Series 3 – TUM TUM TOTS

Best Baby Travel Bib:
BIBADO: Baby Coverall Weaning Bib With Long Sleeves | Bibado

Best Baby Travel Nursing Cover:
MY LITTLE KOALA: Breastfeeding cover – Sparkly pink with white stars | My Little Koala

Best Baby Travel Sun Hat:
SCANDIBORN: Liewood Senia Sun Hat in Confetti Yellow Mellow Mix – Scandiborn

Best Baby Travel Rain Cover:
LITTLELIFE: Buggy Rain Cover | Buggy Accessories | LittleLife

Best Baby Travel Car Mirror:
LITTLELIFE: Baby Car Mirror | Baby Car Accessories | LittleLife

Best Baby Travel Car Window Shade:
LITTLELIFE: Car Sun Shades | Car Window Shades | LittleLife

Best Baby Travel Car Seat Protector:
LITTLELIFE: Car Seat Protector | Car Seat Cover | LittleLife

Best Baby Travel Car Seat Travel Bag:
CHICCO: Chicco's Car Seat Travel Bag | ChiccoUSA

Best Baby Travel Carrier Backpack:
LITTLELIFE: Traveller S4 Child Carrier | Child Carrier Backpack | LittleLife

Best Travel Backpacks for Kids:
LITTLELIFE: Ladybird Backpack | Kids Character Backpacks | LittleLife

Best Travel Rolling Suitcases for Kids:
ZINC: Flyte Midi 18 Inch Luna the Unicorn Scooter Suitcase with Free T-Shirt – ZINC - UK's No 1 Scooter Brand (

Best Travel Neck Pillows for Kids:
LITTLELIFE: Owl Travel Pillow | Kids Neck Pillow | LittleLife

Best Travel Wearable Breast pump: 
SHOPFUNMI: Funmi Wearable Single Electric Breast Pump - Funmi (


Best Swim Diapers for Infants:
KONFIDENCE: Splashy™ AquaNappy™ - One Size Fits All Swim Nappy – Konfidence

Best Swimsuits for Toddlers:
KONFIDENCE: Splashy™ Swimsuit Made With e-Flex™ – Konfidence

est Boy Swimsuits: 
BOARDIES APPAREL:Kids Vibrant Dino II – Boardies® UK store (

Best Girl Swimsuits: 
BOARDIES APPAREL: Palmtopia Classic Swimsuit – Boardies® UK store (

Best Kid T-shirts:
 Locals Lonely Kids T-Shirt – Boardies® UK store (
Best Travel Swimsuits for Teenagers (12-18 years)

Best Kid Co-ords:
BOARDIES APPAREL: Boardies Logo Orange Co-Ord – Boardies® UK store (

Best Kid Rash Guard:

BOARDIES APPAREL: Spiral Tie Dye Rash Guard – Boardies® UK store (

Best Travel Swim UV Hat for Kids:
KONFIDENCE: UV Hats – Konfidence

Best Travel Swim Accessories for Kids:
KONFIDENCE: Aquabands/Headbands – Konfidence

Best ECO swimwear:
KOFIDENCE: Warma™ Swimsuit Made With e-Flex™ – Konfidence

Best safety swimwear :
KONFIDENCE:Original Konfidence™ Jacket

Best Trainers for Kids:
BGREATER: Levison Trainer - All Black – BGreater Shoes

Best Travel Rain Gear for Kids:
LITTLELIFE: Kids All In One Suit | Puddle Suit | LittleLife

Best Travel Sunglasses for Kids:
BEABA: Sunglasses 0-9 months glee aqua | BEABA


Best Travel Dolls:
FOR PURPOSE KIDS: The Global Kidizen Doll Collection – For Purpose Kids

Best Travel Books for Preschoolers:
TINY TOURIST: France Activity Books for Children aged 3-11 (

Best Travel Magnetic Whiteboards:
BRIGHTMINDS: Tabletop Magic Magnetic Whiteboard Easel, A3 with 8 pens & eraser – BrightMinds UK

Best Travel Cunes for Infants:
 Djeco Topanifarm Cubes for infants | Djeco | BrightMinds UK

Best Travel Sensory Board:
JUMBLE DREAM:Jumble Board | Sensory Toys | Busy Board (

Best Travel Switch Board:
JUMBLE DREAM: Jumble Switch Busy Board | Sensory Toys (

Best Travel Music Player for kids:
OCARINA: Ocarina Music Player... (



Best Two-Wheel Cabin Suitcase:
THE LITTLE LUGGAGE CO:  Eco Friendly Fun Printed Unisex Baby/Children/Mum Travel Cabin Suitcase – The Little Luggage Co


Best Four-Wheel Cabin Suitcase:

IT LUGGAGE: it Luggage | Spontaneous - Large in Black

Best Fold Out Travel Backpack:

THE LITTLE LUGGAGEEco Friendly Fun Unisex Baby/Children/Mum Travel Fold Out Backpack – The Little Luggage Co

Best Packing Cube Set:

THE LITTLE LUGGAGE CO: Eco Friendly, Cute, Unisex Baby/Children/Mum Packing Cube Suitcase Organiser Set – The Little Luggage Co

Best Crossbody Bag: 

KERIKIT ENGLANDGreta Quilted Black Nylon Leather Cross Body Bag | KeriKit England

Best Travel BagPack:
KERIKIT ENGLAND: Women's Vegan Friendly Black Nylon Backpack | KeriKit England

Best Travel Mother and Baby Bagpack:
KERIKIT ENGLAND: Designer Nylon Backpack - Loved Around the World | KeriKit England

Best Weekender Luggage:
KERIKIT ENGLAND: Westwood XL Black-Silver Leather Holdall Handbag | KeriKit England

Best Travel Weekender Set Luggage:
MIOMOJO: Miomojo | Vegan set duffle and washbag in recycled nylon

Best Travel Wallet:
MIOMOJO: SVEVA Nero - Vegan and recycled wallet cruelty-free, designed in Italy. (

Best Travel Bagpack Set Luggage:
Miomojo | Vegan set backpack and washbag in recycled nylon

Best Travel Neck Pillow:
KOOSHY KIDS: Luxe Inflatable Neck Pillow by Kooshy Kids

Best Noise Cancelling Headphone:
KOOSHY KIDS: ANC-G2 Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones (

Best Travel Powerbank:

KOOSHY KIDS: Jetsetter Powerbank Pro (

Best Travel Travel Pillow or Blanket:
KOOSHY KIDS: Kooshy Kids Inflatable Plane Cushion. Plane Pal Fly Tot

Best Travel Seep Mask:
Luxe Travel Sleep Mask (

Best Travel Organizers and passport holder:
KOOSHY KIDS: RFID Travel Wallet (


Best Men's Swim Trunks/Board Shorts:
BOARDIES APPAREL: Electric Stretch – Boardies® UK store (

Best Men's T-shirt: 
BOARDIES APPAREL: Locals Lonely T-Shirt – Boardies® UK store (

Best Women's Bikinis: 
PITUSA: Smocking Bathing Suit Top– pītusa (

Best Women's One-Piece Swimsuits: 
PITUSA: Crinkle One Piece Swimsuit– pītusa ( 

Best Adult's Swim Shirts/Rash Guards:
KONFIDENCE: Rash Vests Adult – Konfidence

Best Women's Swim Cover-Ups:
PITUSA: Inca Abaya– pītusa (

Best Cover-Ups for Plus-Size:
PITUSA: Mini Abaya– pītusa (

Best Babywearing Coat or Women:
WOMBAT LONDON: Babywearing Softshell Jacket Wombat Shell (

Best Babywearing Coat for Men:
WOMBAT LONDON: Bandicoot Babywearing Coat (

Best Travel WOMEN Rain Coat:
WOMBAT LONDON: Numbat Babywearing & Pregnancy Coat ( 

Best Travel Athletic Equipment :
PROZIS: Resistance Toning Band Set - Home Gym | Prozis

Best Travel Activewear: 

PROZIS: Peach Perfect High Waist Leggings - Black Melange - Clothing | Prozis


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